The Launch Of Dirty On Jersey

For awhile now I have this idea in my head for a site/YouTube channel where I talk and show you what’s going on in New Jersey.  The thing that will be different, that will stand out from the rest, is I will be giving you the realest take on things Jersey.  Growing up in New Jersey my whole life, I’ve got the Jersey attitude in my DNA.  I just won’t be giving you a one sided take on issues, I’ll be giving you the niddy gritty on what you need to know.  I’ll be tackling certain topics some may deem to dangerous.  Nothing is off limits.  I’ll be giving you the dirty on all things Jersey.  For starters Jersey drivers.  We are known as some of the worst in the nation.  Well, I just happen to have a dash cam and boy do I catch some really interesting things.  Take a look below at the first episode of Dirty On Jersey Dash Cam.  Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for the launch of the Dirty On Jersey Podcast.

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