Monday Motivation – America,Home of Dreams

For over a year now, the one thing I have been telling you in almost every single one of these blogs is to leave your legacy.  I gotta say this weeks video hits the nail right on the head.  It’s from one of my favorite motivational channels on YouTube, Absolute Motivation.  If you were to ever just watch one of the videos I’ve posted, this is the one to watch.  Today is the 4th of July, a day we celebrate the Independence of the United States of America.  A day to cook up some burgers on the grill, drink with friends and family and watch a fireworks show to top it off.  Now close your eyes and time travel 240 years ago.  A world that was completely uncertain, pilgrims in an unholy land.  The devils of the red coats were at their front door telling them what they could and couldn’t do.  People young and old were fed up with the bullshit and decided it was time to do something.  They saw a future of freedom that was being taken away from them by a tyrant and they were no longer going to live like that.  Now imagine being in Massachusetts at the battle of Lexington.  The ultimate stare down between good and evil.  A shot that could be heard around the world was fired.  The person who shot that bullet probably had no idea what they were starting, fear following through their veins.  But deep down inside they new they were fighting for something greater than they could have ever imagined.  They were fighting for their dreams and their children’s dreams.  They fought a brave enemy and through countless years of fighting, countless live lost, the blood that was spilled wasn’t spilled for no reason.  Now open your eyes and take a damn good look in mirror.  Face the enemy within you that is holding you back and tell yourself you won’t be stopped until your legacy is written in stone for the future generations to be in awe of.

May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

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