Monday Motivation – Kerri Strug American Hero @kerristrug96

Back in 1996, 7 young women from the United States embarked on an epic journey to be remembered as the greatest gymnastics team to ever step foot in any arena.  One woman stood out above the rest, and that woman was Kerri Strug.  I was a young boy watching this unforgettable moment unfold before my eyes on the TV with my family.  The world was watching as the USA women’s team competed for the team gold in the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta.  Anyone who is a gymnasts has to endure hours and hours of training, pain and suffering that is unimaginable.  It’s a passion that only few can achieve and only the best of the best make it to the Olympics.  Their passion is measurable.  The drive they have can only be compared to that of the God’s of Greek mythology.  This young woman was our last chance to get the gold.  She had two chances of nailing her routine on the vault.  Her first try ended with her hurting her ankle.  You could see the pain in her face, you knew something was wrong.  We all looked at each other in the living room and saw something else in her eyes.  It was the determination to rise.  To get back up and to go at it again.  Between the two attempts, her coach Bela Karolyl uttered a few simple words.  “You can do it.”  Those words even so simple, are now etched in history.  She went back to the starting position and the look she gave that vault was that of a warrior going into battle against an army.  Against all odds she started her run down the path.  With every step the power going through her getting stronger and stronger.  She hit the vault with the strength of a 1000 armies.  While watching this we all knew at the moment history was happening.  Her landing was absolute perfection and on one good ankle.  Her arms went up and the crowd, as well as the world lost their minds.  She had done the impossible.  She achieved her goal, her dream.  Nothing was going to stop her.  For this weeks Monday Motivation I had to highlight her achievement.  She is the definition of passion, dedication and determination.  She is an American hero, and someone we can all look up to.  No matter what your goal is, no matter how much pain and suffering you have to go through YOU CAN DO IT! Now go leave your legacy.

This weeks video is from Team USA’s YouTube channel.  Make sure to check other inspiring videos on their channel.

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