Monday Motivation – Katy Perry with Rise

The time has come for the best of the best in the world to take the stage at the Olympics in Rio.  There are hundreds of athletes, some that are well known, others whose star is about to be born.  These Gods among humans have spent their entire life to chasing the gold.  A chance to see their flag raised above the rest as their national anthem is played for the world to see.  Hearts will be broken while legends are born.  Those seeking the ultimate goal of lifetime will be embarking on the greatest challenges of their lives as the go against their fellow peers in head to head battle to determine who is best in the world.  These young men and women have given everything they’ve got, blood sweat and tears, broken bones and sleepless nights.  The days where they could have been going out with friends, they made the decision to enhance their abilities and perfect their craft.  They gave it all up to have a moment that very few will every get to achieve.  The world will come together as one, to celebrate these ultimate fighters as they push their bodies to the limit and beyond.  World records will be set and some will have their dreams crushed.  But they have all done one thing they all should be proud of and that is they have all RISEN to the occasion to showcase their talents.  This week I have decided to highlight Katy Perry’s new song Rise that has been chosen as the Olympics theme song.  The song is empowering and gives us hope as we watch our fellow countrymen and women as they go for the gold.  Be proud of these athletes.  I promise you this that history will be made.  Listen to their stories of how they got there and follow in their footsteps and Rise.

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