Music Submissions, Do’s and Don’ts

So by this time most people know we do take music submissions and if you don’t know it, you do now. So what’s it take to get you music into rotation?

I’ll build a super simple list of things we are looking for here at Slammin Tunes.

First, is the music properly labeled and tagged? If you send in a track and the label and tags aren’t correct it won’t get air time and probably won’t even get a listen. So what are we looking for? We’ll this is quite simple actually. A well tagged track should be something like this, Artist – Song or Artist – Album – Song. If you submit something like this “16somesong (mastered).mp3” it probably won’t get airtime. So next you should run that song through a player (Windows Media Player/Winamp/iTunes) of some sort and see how its displayed because that information is typically the ID3 tag info being read and not the file info. The ID3 tag info should include the Artist name, the song title, year and album information at a very minimum.

Second, is the track an mp3? We don’t have the time nor will we convert your audio for airplay. Don’t bother sending wma, wavs or any of the 100 other audio formats out there. We require the song to be in the MP3 format at a minimum of 128kbps for broadcast compatibility.

Third, are you sending covers? Don’t have any original songs? Covers are a nice way to get you some views or listens via some of the various social media sites out there but its not the best way to show your creativity or true talent. Lots of people can sing or play an instrument but not all of the them can create a song or write lyrics or music.

Any additional artist information? If you can include a short bio or press release as well as the album artwork if you have it.

Its all about looking and sounding professional and we want you to be successful and the smallest details will make the biggest differences.

Good luck out there!

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