MVP Financial LLC Whoops Scammers Asses

If you haven’t already received a phone call from one of these scammers you are a lucky one.  I may be New Jersey biased but the one thing we don’t take here in Jersey are people who scam others out of whats not there’s.  Hell if you scam the wrong people here you end up being buried underneath a stadium.  Back to the real stuff.  Lately there have been a bunch of scammers calling people claiming to be from the IRS saying that the person owes them money in back taxes.  Sadly many people fall for them.  Here is the important thing to know THE IRS WILL NEVER CALL YOU.  They will never tell you to pay over the phone with gift cards.  These scammers prey on the elderly to get them to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards and then these scammers take the money off the gift cards for their own use.  Most of the scammers are from India or that region.  Now to the good news.  Scott from MVP accounting is taking down these scammers one by one, by wasting their time.  Yes his videos are long, yes his jokes are cheesy, but still he is an MVP.  He gets the magic jack numbers these pricks are using and is able to waster their time instead of preying on the fearful.  From a fell Jersey boy, Scott is Jersey tough and has my respect.  Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and enjoy the video below.  Plus he’s got music on his channel, whats better then screwing a scammer and enjoying some music.  Be sure to share this with others so we can all get back at these ass hats.

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