The Power of Water Could Change The World @LittleHoursBand

Water, one of the most essential sources on our planet.  It can shape canyons.  It can save lives.  But it can also shape the way we think about the world around us.  I’m talking about the latest song from Little Hours.  A powerful and emotional song that gets the mind thinking.  A music video that brings us to a world being torn apart.  A world where love is being threatened.  A world that we live in right now.  This is by far one of the most touching music videos I have seen in years.  This band from Ireland is opening the eyes of the world with the beauty in this song.  The sad state of the world is demonstrated in the video and showcases what is actually occurring in the world.  As an American I am disappointed in my fellow country men that feel the need for something like this to occur.  A United States yet we are divided due to race.   Hate is not the answer, love is the cure.  This song needs to be shared and I hope that one day this will no longer be the norm.  This band is using their voice as a force of good.  What we all should do is follow in their footsteps and stand up for what its right.  Be the voice of those who are too scared to speak up.  We can no longer have the fear of love being destroyed due to someone who is misguided in their views.  This video really hit deep for me personally.  Enjoy this master pieces from a band surely on their way to greatness.

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