Reality of the online world

So if you are reading this you are more than likely using the internet. And we all know there are threats online but how easy is it to actually steal information? A dude decided to put that to the test. The location? A hacking convention called DefCon. The task at hand? Hack this guy. Now they arent trying to ruin his life, the idea is just to showcase whats possible. Give this vid a watch and just a heads up… don’t be too paranoid and go and destroy your pc. See you after the jump.



So this is some scary stuff. We lead two lives. One is the real one, the other is our digital persona. That includes payments we do, social sites, personal information etc. So with everything being online for other people to find the question becomes – can I get the perfect protection from somewhere? Well yes. Actually the perfect protection is really cheap. It involves unplugging the pc (or removing the baterry and charger for your laptop) from the socket and internet and WiFi. And then put the pc (or laptop) in a box and put it in a hole in the ground. There you have it – your computer is absolutely safe. As one of the hackers says – we know that there are kung fu masters out there but we arent afraid of being ripped to pieces by one. We do take some precautions like not walking down a dark ally way alone. In the same way we should have a reasonable understanding of the internet and basic security but we shouldnt be paranoid about being hacked by hackers all the time. Unless… you know… you arent uber rich and stuff. But then you can probably afford to hire someone to make sure you are safe. So again dont lose your mind over it.

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