Sanguine on tour!



As you all know I follow some new bands and play them over and over in the TripleM show. As I believe in them and think their music should get all the airtime we can give them.
One of those bands is British Female Fronted Metal band SANGUINE. Bandmembers Tarin Kerrey, Nick Magee, Ross Andrew and Matt Feld released their second album “BLACK SHEEP” in 2016. If you like haunting riffs, a driving bass and a voice who sounds as an angel and then suddenly changes to a voice which would fit a Banshee then this is the band and album you should listen too..

Today they announced the great news they are gonna open for Fear Factory..

And for me this is great news as the are gonna perform in my hometown !


More info you can find on:

Sanguine Facebook

Sanguine Homepage  or follow them on Twitter @sanguineband


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