I See Stars Are Back Being Epic Again @iseestarsmusic

With their most recent album release, I See Stars is cementing their name as one of the hottest bands in the world.  In an industry where you so often have to reinvent yourself, I See Stars is always able to stay way ahead and give us something new and extraordinary.  Their latest hit song Running With Scissors off the album Treehouse is a unique song that you just have to hear.  You also will want to check out the song Break which is the definition of true EPICNESS.  This band will get in your head, scramble your mind, and leave you wanting more.  After wrapping touring on Warped Tour they will be returning to a stage near you this fall.  Until then make sure to check out the weekly  Top 10 Songs That Rock every Wed night from 6-8 PM EST to see where they are at on the list.

Now sit back, relax and run with scissors, no wait bad idea.  I mean enjoy Running With Scissors, wait still bad….just enjoy this kick ass song.

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