Throwback Thrusday – System Of A Down B.Y.O.B. @systemofadown

By far one the biggest songs of 2005 B.Y.O.B. will go down as one the most successful songs for System Of A Down.  I would classify it as a political thrill ride that the music video illustrates how crazy the world was and still is.  Shit, ever since this video has come out, you notice something….NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  System Of A Down wasn’t the first band and hasn’t been the last band to make a political statement with their music.  If you look back, its a shit load of artists that have used their music to express their feelings and the feelings of the people.  But since nothing has changed, whats the real problem?  Maybe we need to rock a little harder?  Or maybe we need to take it to the next level.  Until we figure out how to all work together and stop corruption by the people we elected and until we actually hold them accountable, enjoy the music video for this just KICK ASS song.

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