Travel The World With Jacob Laukaitis @JacobLaukaitis

With technology and cameras advancing so far, YouTube has become an incredible source of amazing footage from across the globe.  One of my favorite world travelers is Jacob Laukaitis.  He gives us just a glimpse into some parts of the world that are rarely seen.  One of my favorite videos of his is from North Korea.  I had been recently watching documentary’s on North Korea when his video came up.  It was by far better then most of the documentary’s I had seen on the hermit country.  Why…because he was not biased.  He went to experience the country for himself and to be open minded about what their country is like.  Yes we all know there are travesty’s happening in the country and the North Korean government only wants you to see what they deem is OK.  Nothing more, nothing less.  His video is a stunning piece of artwork that I felt necessary to share.  Be sure to subscribe to his channel.  Maybe one day we could all travel the world and be a dream chaser like Jacob.

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