What The World Needs Is a Little Bit of Love @officialtobymac

Toby Mac’s latest music video speaks volumes.  Love Broke Thru is not just a spiritual song but a song for the human race to believe in.  To much of the world is filled with hate.  Either because of the color of one’s skin or what God they believe in  We are so quick to hold someone away instead of inviting them in with love.  But their is a cure for hate and that is the unstoppable power of love and compassion.  We would rather hate and ignore someone instead of seeing things from their point of view.  The thought process that you are always right and anyone with an opposing view is wrong is just plain ignorance.  Engage in conversation.  Open your eyes and your mind to a new world.  Be the one who breaks downs walls, don’t build them.  Unite instead of dividing.  Break bread with the enemy.  Check out this inspiring music video for Love Broke Thru from Toby Mac.

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