@ATC_BAND Young & Relentless Is This Generation’s Theme Song

Against The Current is the band this generation has been waiting for.  What started out as few friends doing covers of songs they love, has turned into a global phenomenon.   A local band for myself at least, Against The Current is a band that stands out above the others.  I’ve been following them for years and to see them evolve into what they are today is amazing.  Their album In Our Bones is an incredible work of art.  The songs speak to this generation.  A generation that needs a band like Against The Current to guide them.  Young & Relentless speaks to the hearts and souls of the youth of this beautiful planet.  It speaks to them to let them know to not be afraid, to go after what your dream is and to be a little crazy doing it.  To stand out above the rest and to leave a legacy.  Personally I have fallen in love with their song Wasteland off the album.  They are about to go on tour across Asia and Europe and I can’t wait for their next US tour.  They have just released a music video for Young & Relentless and of course I had to share it with you crazy people.

Make sure to purchase their album In Our Bones in stores now and to also check out other amazing song on their YouTube channel.

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