Built By Titan Is At It Again with 10 @builtbytitan

Yea I know I mainly post about rock groups, but when an artist like Built By Titan can have a positive impact with their music you gotta show them some love.  I’ve been a fan of his work for years now.  I originally started listening to him when I went through a tough time in my life, while getting divorced.  I was looking for an out and that was when I got offered to do my own radio show here at Slammin Tunes.  I was looking for something to keep my mind off the bad thoughts running through it.  While looking for some new music I stumbled upon Built By Titan.  It was when I was listening to Heart & Soul I knew I was doing the right thing in my life.  His music inspired me to continue this dream I actually had as a kid.  And now I have my own Top 10 Rock Show.  Music can inspire you and truly change your life.  That’s why I always show my love and support for artists who helped inspire me.  Built By Titan with Starxs dropped a new music video for the incredible song 10 and I have to share it with you guys.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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