Featured Artist Tuesday – Starset @starsetonline

Starset, a band that is on their journey to take over the rock world is this weeks Featured Artist.  I’ve been blown away since they released Carnivore and now they’ve stepped up their game with their latest music video for Monster  Not many bands can tell a story like they can and in this video you will be blown away by how entranced you will be with it.  What else makes this band stand out is their website.  It’s a one of kind that stands out above all the rest.  If you are a member of the Starset universe you know the path that needs to be taken to make Starset a worldwide phenomenon.  And we want to help them out.  You can check out their music on the Top 10 Songs That Rock every week.  Until then check out Monster.


Check out their site at www.starsetonline.com

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