Gemini Syndrome Will Cure Your Rock Sickness @GeminiSyndrome

When I first discovered Gemini Syndrome, I was blown away by the talent this group has.  When I first heard Stardust I knew these guys were about to blow the stars out of the sky, and with their latest hit nothing can stop them from greatness.  Their unique sound sets them above the rest.  Coming out of California these guys are laying down the path for the future sound of rock.  Their latest hit Remember We Die has been climbing the Top 10 Songs That Rock for the past few weeks here at Slammin Tunes, and the music video for it is a work of art.  Listen to the lyrics and they will take you to another side of life.  Check out the music video below and drop a comment.  Don’t forget to listen to the Top 10 Songs That Rock every week from 6-8 PM EST here at Slammin Tunes.

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