Ignite The Fire Is Setting Fire To The Rock World @ITFRocks

Ignite The Fire is the band that you need in your life.  Their song Over It is the epic rock song that everyone can relate to.  They are a Maryland band that is leaving their mark on the music industry.  They have a sound that defines them from the rest.  Their fan base keeps growing day by day.  There is nothing that is going to stop these unbelievably talented musicians.  They will be opening for Like A Storm on Friday October 14 in Baltimore, so if you are in the area be sure to check them out.  Over it is the perfect song to kick off the weekend to and I just had to share it with you crazy rockers.  Be sure to check out my show live on Slammin Tunes Wednesday October 19th between 6-8 PM EST for an exclusive new song from them called Breathe.  Until then CRANK IT UP and blow out the speakers with Over It.


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