Jimmy Eat World Has Returned @jimmyeatworld

If you were a teenager or in college in 2001, then I can guarantee you were in love with the song The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.  Well the boys are back and with a vengeance.  Their new hit song Get Right is blowing up the charts.  Just to show how much these guys kick ass, they are offering their song for FREE on their website.  Now you want to be even more blown away, for some this may make you feel old, Jimmy Eat World has been around for 23 years.  While they were just beginning their legendary journey as of of the best alternative bands, Jeff Goldblum was kicking T-Rex’s ass in Jurassic Park.  They are a timeless band that when heard will always put you in a good mood.  I had the honor of seeing these guys with X Ambassadors at Starland Ballroom, (yes I am a jersey boy) and I gotta say one of the best live shows I have ever seen.  Take a listen to Get Right, and get yourself right by cranking it up and blowing out the speakers.

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