Monday Motivation

There are many stories of athletes or those of famous individuals who didn’t have the easy way to get to the top.  They didn’t have a silver spoon in their mouth when they were born.  They had to fight for everything they got.  There’s a difference between a person who was handed everything in their life, from that of a man or woman who had to wake up everyday and rose from the bottom to get to the top.  They have something called respect.  They have a will that is only matched by the Gods.  They know the meaning of sacrifice.  They know what it takes to endure the times that you think that life isn’t worth living.  Whether its your own goals or someone else’s you are fighting for, make sure you give it your all.  Make sure you leave every ounce of your being on the battlefield of life.  If life was easy everyone would be living it.  You will not make everyone happy and you will lose friends and maybe even family along the way who feel your wasting your time.  The only time you are wasting is listening to their bullshit.  Persevere through the tough times in life.  Don’t live life in fear, be fearless.  FIGHT!!!

This weeks video is from Basquiat Picasso, be sure to subscribe to their page for other great motivational videos.

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