Monday Motivation

A new year brings new resolutions.  Resolutions can be something like quitting smoking or something life altering such as creating a device that changes the course of human history.  But how do we complete those resolutions? How much needs to be sacrificed to get where we want to be?  The answers lay within you.  You are your greatest road block.  You know the answers, you just have to connect the dots.  The human spirit is one of the most powerful forces in the world.  Too many people quit when they are almost at their goal.  Its not money that stops them, or a friend saying they can’t.  It’s themselves.  People will use any excuse for not achieving something when all the blame lies on them.  If it’s money then get another job to get the money.  If it’s a friend saying you can’t accomplish something cut them the hell out.  You don’t need negativity in your life.  When you stay with those negative people they will stop at nothing from seeing you achieve your goal.  If that means standing alone then fuck it, stand alone.  Be a wolf when everyone else is sheep in the herd.  Remember one thing, mind over matter.  It’s all or nothing.  Now go out and live your dream.

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