Monday Motivation – Break Free

What if in 2 minutes your way of thinking could change.  What if in 2 minutes you could start your week off with a different mindset.  It’s possible you just gotta believe.  This week’s video is from one of my favorites, Basquiat Picasso.  They tackle one of the hardest things to do in life and that is to break free.  To break free of all the chains holding you back.  Sometimes you don’t even realize your being held back.  It might be something financial or psychological.  Hell it could even be family or friends.  They say the hardest thing in life is to let go.  Instead of looking at letting go as something bad, look at it as the exact opposite.  It might be the closing of one chapter in your life, but that means once you turn that page, it’s blank.  That means you write that page.  Let nothing hold you back.  I guarantee this video will open your eyes.  Don’t be afraid to break free.

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