Monday Motivation @jeffdunham

Let’s do things differently this week.  Sometimes when going after a dream or a goal it might seem odd to other people or just straight up weird.  But no matter what dream you want to accomplish let nothing stop you from going after it.  When someone criticizes you, just look at them as someone who will never accomplish anything in life.  They are jealous that your doing something and they are just being lazy asses.  Take a look at Jeff Dunham.  This legendary comedy is a ventriloquist that has taken over the world.  His has been performing since hell before I was even born.  This is a man who faced obstacles along the way to achieving his goal and did it while perfecting his craft.  He is a genius and someone I look up to.  Dare to be different.  Dare to be Dunham.  In light of everything going on in the world sometimes you need a little laugh to get you motivated.  Why not start it Monday off right with a terrorist.  Yea I said that.

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