Monday Motivation – LEGOs @LEGO_Group

Whether you are a 5 year child getting your first Lego set or a grown ass man like myself who still gets new sets, Lego’s have had a huge impact on society.  From TV shows, to major motion pictures, to Lego projects larger than life, people continue to push the limits of their imagination when it comes to creating something out of Lego’s.  Over the years they have expanded into adding electronics into their sets and even creating their own world.  There are endless possibilities with Lego’s.  Sometimes you need an escape in life to just get your mind off of things.  Lego’s is a perfect way to do it.  For me, I have this grand idea for a whole Lego world in my home, with a train running through it, lights added to it, maybe even cars moving around it and even some how incorporate a fish tank into it.  To get to that point I know it’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to take a lot of planing, a lot of patience and definitely a lot of money.  But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of it and going after it.  You can’t let excuses get in the way of something you want to do, something that makes you happy.  Happiness does come at a cost, but trust me it’s not as painful as steeping on a Lego.  Lego let’s our inner child come out.  Our imagination as a child seems to just go away as we get older, and sometimes you need to light that fire back up.  Lego’s lets you do that.  Lego even has a program for everyday people who have creations they want to share with the world.  It’s called Lego Ideas.  A place where people who love Lego’s come together and support each other.  And when you have enough support, Lego might even take your idea and create a set with it.  Remember anything is possible.  The Lego YouTube channel has a ton of great content and funny clips.  Maybe take sometime and let your mind run free.  Ya never know what will happen.

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