Monday Motivation – Rise @dannygokey

It’s Monday people.  Instead of complaining about how you don’t want to go to work and how you may not enjoy your life right now, I want you to try something different.  I want you to Rise. Too many people take for granted what they have and how lucky they are to have the life they live.  Even just the simplest things in life, such as food for breakfast or going to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, (I’m more of a tea guy myself).  There are so many people in this world that would die to be in your shoes, hell just to even have shoes.  Instead of complaining today, tell yourself your lucky.  Lucky to have a bed to sleep in, lucky to have a roof over your head.  You need to start everyday off right, that is with a smile.  Rise and grind people.  Best way to do that is with some new music from Danny Gokey.  Check out Rise.

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