Monday Motivation – Sabaton The Last Stand @sabaton

Its Halloween, night of terror, night of little ghost and ghouls begging for candy so for this Monday Motivation I’m going to do something different.  There is this metal band called Sabaton out of Sweden that has been rocking out for years.  This power house group is truly remarkable and they have a new song out called The Last Stand.  It tells the true story of a group of Swedish Guards protecting the Vatican way back in the 1527.  Outnumbered they took a stand against a fierce enemy to protect what was Holy to them and to many millions around the world.  They battled hard and fought like great warriors.  Knowing they were most likely going to die, they did not give up protecting what meant so much to them.  That is something that lives in all of us, you just have to believe in yourself.  That you can accomplish anything.  From darkness the light will rise.  Let nothing stop you from greatness.  Maybe one day a great band will write about your legendary story.

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