Monday Motivation – Success

Your success in life, depends on one thing.  You.  You control your destiny.  Your dream will only happen if you go after it.  It will never happen overnight.  It will cost you time and money and your mind even, that’s that truth.  Even when you think all hope is lost, use the last glimmer and sacrifice it all.  You will fail more times than you will succeed.   Hope is never lost.  You maybe going through a dark time in your life, but you need to see and understand the darkness to get the light.  Be a Phoenix.  Rise from the ashes.  Be that never ending light.  I have said this many times in these blogs and that is when its a battle between the heart and mind, listen to your heart.  So the most painful moments in life are when our hearts are broken, because those maybe moments when a dream might have come to close.  But is it the end, is it over.  NO!!!  You still got air in your lungs.  You still got blood flowing thru your veins.  It’s not the end, its only the beginning.  Take 5 minutes from your day and focus on you.  Focus on what you want.  Be the legend you were meant to be.

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