Run, Definitely Run! Brings Us A “Hero” With Nerdcore @rdr_official

At Slammin Tunes we love to bring you the latest songs from the best new bands out there.  Coming out of Arizona is by far one of the most refreshing sounds I’ve heard in awhile.  Run, Definitely Run! is so unique they are in a genre all their own.  Nerdcore.  When a band is able to define themselves as something new, you know you are in store for something epic.  Their song “Hero” is one that will pump you up.  Personally I feel like this a a perfect song for when your playing a video game, when you might be outnumbered but your enemies but know deep down you can’t be defeated.  This song pushes you towards the finish line, towards victory.  We all want to be a hero, well now we have a theme song for it.  Do as you always do for great songs like this, CRANK IT UP!!!

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