A Song That Defines Us @sleepingwlf Love Is The Cure

Once ever so often there comes a song that hits a chord in the soul that can’t be ignored.  A song that when heard awakens something deep inside you.  Opening your eyes to something much greater.  When I heard Love Is The Cure by Sleeping Wolf, I was blown away.  I listened to the lyrics and felt they were speaking to me, but I realized they were speaking to the world.  In the world right now it’s hard to ignore the chaos.  All of the hate fueling the battles between men and women.  The friction between police and protesters.  A time has come to stand up and realize that we are part of the problem, but we all are part of the solution.  We have made so many breakthroughs in the medical and scientific fields yet we still fight over what GOD we worship or what color of ones skin is.  We aren’t a divide race, we are one race and that is the human race.  Have you ever noticed that it times of crisis or disasters, we are able to put our differences aside and lend each other a helping hand.  It shouldn’t take moments of horror to bring us together as one.  I want you to think about this, if you and I are both bleeding, we are bleeding one color.  The color of love.  We are all made of the same atoms and molecules.  We all have love flowing through us so why not use it to battle the hate.  Yes we are are human and we will have our differences but we can overcome.  I can honestly say this song by this unbelievably talented band has inspired me and I hope it does that same for you.  Here at Slammin Tunes, we will never judge you for who you are, just ask that you love one another.  Music can bring generations together and this song I know can change the world for better.  We celebrate bands that have impacts that will be felt throughout the world.  This song is timeless and I believe can awaken the love that is truly in us all.  Spread the word and spread the love.


Please show your support to this amazing band by checking out their website www.sleepingwolfmusic.com

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