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How To Keep Up With Technology @LinusTech

Keeping up with technology (unlike the Kardashians) is actually pretty easy.  Well I guess the Kardashians are easy but we won't touch that.   It seems like almost everyday something new and innovative is coming out.  Even working in an IT field it can be tough.  To keep up with all things technology wise sometimes you
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Funny Air Traffic Control Conversations

You would probably think most air traffic control communications are professional since you know they are dealing with million dollar machines and hundreds of peoples lives, but that always isn't the case.  Every once in a while pilots and air traffic controllers have a little fun.  Just take  listen, ya never really know what your
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First Class Upgrade on Emirates Airline

If you are a fellow YouTuber like myself you may have heard of Casey Neistat.  His Vlog is one of the originals on YouTube and is one you will want to subscribe to.  His most recent post has been blowing up and I just had to share with you guys.  Now if you a blue
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